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A Lady's Finder
When the Blood Is Up
Edie Cay
A Lady's Finder
Publish Date: March 1, 2022
Available: Paperback, Ebook

Lady Agnes is a scandal thanks to her sister’s marriage to a prizefighter. Or rather, she should be, but as a charitable spinster-to-be, she remains firmly invisible, even to those she loves. Always dutiful, Lady Agnes should be the toast of her family, but only if she marries well. Finding the prospect of wedding a man unpalatable, Lady Agnes cannot be the social savior of her sister. Suddenly, receiving attentions from the unpredictable and surprisingly resourceful Mr. Jack Townsend, Lady Agnes finds herself believing he might love her and not her dowry. After being overlooked for so long, can she believe he cares for her, or is she a means to an end as her family insists?
Jack About Town is London’s best Finder of Lost Things. What few realize is that Jack transcends the spheres of men and women, existing as both, or perhaps neither, sex. True, his most lucrative finds are pornographic artifacts for rich toffs. But now he has found Lady Agnes, a meticulous, generous, knock-down incredible lady who wears men’s boots. Best of all, Lady Agnes accepts him in his entirety—a jewel so rare that even Jack is surprised he could find it.

When Jack is commissioned to steal from Lady Agnes’s cousin, can Jack find a way to prove his love and still earn the money he needs to protect himself and his home?

Finalist for the 2022 Lambda Award

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“Phenomenal book which proves Edie Cay is doing some of the most interesting work in historical romance– our hero is non-binary with he/him pronouns and our heroine is primarily attracted to women (I hesitate to definitively say bi considering she rejects the idea of marriage and sex with cis men, and spends the book mourning a prior relationship with another woman, but she also falls for Jack when he is male-presenting as well as female-presenting), and the spark between them is electric. It’s a sweet, charged romance of being Seen.”
-Melanie, Goodreads reviewer

“This is truly a romance, with a hard-won HEA; while there are steamy sections, they don’t overwhelm. This is not erotica. Still, Cay manages to make this a “not-queer” book in the best possible way–she makes queerness both central and a non-issue. In the Regency, in a society that valued conformity, a trans person might have had a far harder life than Jack was afforded (which can be overlooked as an element of the fantasy), but they existed, as did queer folk of all stripes, and it is refreshing to see them portrayed in leading roles and without excessive baggage.”
-Mari Christie, PLW