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A Viscount's Vengeance
When the Blood Is Up
Edie Cay
A Viscount's Vengeance
Publish Date: March 1, 2023
Available: Paperback, Ebook

A brooding viscount carries the weight of his dead father’s misdeeds. An unassuming young woman who knows more than she lets on. A marriage of convenience that comes to blows in the boxing ring.

One morning, for reasons of his own, Lord Andrepont proposes marriage to the first eligible woman he sees: Miss Pearl Arthur, the younger sister of his good friend, the prizefighter John Arthur. She’s barely said a word in his presence, but of course she’ll accept: he’s everything women like her dream about: wealthy, titled, handsome. The marriage will be easy—he’ll go his way, and she’ll go hers.

Pearl Arthur has never had a home. Bounced from family to family as a child, Pearl has always been an afterthought. When Lord Andrepont—a handsome man whose brooding rivals her sister-in-law’s moodiness—proposes, how can she not accept? She could finally find a home of her own. A place to call hers. And dare she think it? A family?

But when Pearl arrives as the new Lady Andrepont, nothing is as it seems. Can Pearl build a life in a house with secrets hidden in every corner?

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“I want to start by saying whatever I write here will not do this book justice, and if you’re skipping this series by @authorediecay you’re missing out on some of the most thoughtful and purposeful prose you can find in historical romance. These books have heavily researched facts, and if you’re in the mood for a story to chew on, this is the moody, hard fought battle to find love that you’ve been waiting for.”
-The Thirst Amendment, Goodreads review

“This is another thoroughly satisfying book, from an author who writes romance with a twist.”
-Rebecca D’Harlingue, PLW