Michael Ross
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About the Author

Best selling author Michael Ross is a lover of history and great stories. The main character of "Across the Great Divide", William Dorsey Crump, is one of the founders of Lubbock and Shallowater, Texas. The first in the series, The Clouds of War, was published by Harper Collins, and was an Amazon #1 Best seller in three categories. The Across the Great Divide trilogy is now complete with The Clouds of War, The Search, and The Founding.

His books have won Coffee Pot Book of the year for Historical Fiction, short listed for Chanticleer's Laramie Award, Gold and Silver awards from the Historical Fiction Company, and profiled in Publisher's Weekly.

Michael attended Rice University as an undergraduate, and Portland State University for his graduate degree. He has degrees in computer science, software engineering, and German. In his spare time, Michael loves fish, do woodworking, ride horses, and spend time with his grandchildren.

He sees many parallels between the time of the Civil War and our divided nation of today. Sanctuary cities, immigration, arguments around the holiday table, threats of secession - all are nothing new. Sometimes, to understand the present, you have to look at the past- and reach Across the Great Divide.