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Book Lovers LOVE Books

By Anne Beggs
August 22, 2023

Book lovers LOVE books. We love reading them, we love reading about them, we love learning of new books to love. We love the stories, the characters, and the challenges. I love fiction and non-fiction.  I thought I would share blogs about books because we all love books. As August draws to a close, it is also fun to review a Newsday Hist Fic Picks from September 2022, and from 2022, because there were great books released then, still worthy of reading if you haven’t already.

Five excellent blogs, savor one a day. Find your next literary love affair in the pages of history.



The Things We’ve Recently Learned from Books, by Kathryn Pritchett

Things We’ve Recently Learned from Books

Research, research, and more research. Did you know that Alexander Dumas’s father was half black? Thomas-Alexander Dumas, The Black Count, led quite a life. How about Saltair, the Coney Island of the West, on the great Salt Lake? Raise your hand if you read The Bookwoman of Troublesome Creek.


The Romance of Marketing by Edie Cay

The Romance of Marketing


More than just women’s boxing in this gem of a blog, Regency romance, books covers and more.



Autumn Reading by Linda Ulleseit

The Romance of Marketing

Time to revisit the new releases of Autumn 2020, including the release of The Lines Between us: A Novel, by Rebecca D’Harlingue.



The Perks of a Short Story by CV Lee

The Perks of a Short Story

Let’s hear it for short stories. What short stories have you enjoyed? It is quite a craft, especially for us historical fiction writers, who have lots of details and world-building to share.


Top Hist Fic Picks for September 2022

Top Hist Fic Picks for September 2022

On my way to my book club to discuss Back to the Garden, I was blasting Back to the Garden by Crosby, Stills, and Nash. Sent me down a memory lane of music. Crosby, Still, Nash, and Young still sound great.


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Written by Anne Beggs

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