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Hearts by the Sea
Hearts and Sails
Alina Rubin
Hearts by the Sea
Publish Date: July 22, 2023
Available: Paperback, Ebook

The prequel to the award-winning A Girl with a Knife and No Job for a Woman

An innocent game brings unforeseen consequences

In the idyllic setting of a seaside holiday in 1800s England, Jamie Flowers meets enigmatic Ella Parker and is instantly smitten. As the children bond over the Romeo and Juliet rehearsal, Jamie wants to learn what troubles her. The two decide to sneak out for a swim at night. Their plans are dashed by the terrible news Jamie’s family receives. When Ella leaves town, Jamie must cling to the hope of finding her… and himself.

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“This is a prequel to Rubin’s Hearts and Sails series, so her heroine is quite young. In this story we come to understand her desire to practice medicine. Keep the books coming!” —C.V. Lee, Paper Lantern Writer

“This novella is beautiful, poetic and dramatic prequel to the “Hearts and Sails” book series. It is expertly written, with a very good understanding of human
psychology of adults and children. It provides deeper insights into the main character in the series, Ella Parker, as she is a young teenage girl in this story.
Turns of events are totally unexpected here and I couldn’t stop reading until the very end.
Highly recommended.”—Goodreads Review