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New Year, New Books: Alina Rubin

By Alina Rubin
January 9, 2024

Abigail’s Song, Hearts and Harmony Book 1, is coming January 10, 2024. Narrowly avoiding a life on the streets in 1810 England, orphaned Abigail is adopted into a Jewish family where she finds herself in the middle of a conflict between her heart, her beliefs, and her dreams of a life surrounded by music. The novel explores themes of found family, second chances, and perseverance.

Readers of Hearts and Sails series would recognize familiar characters, such as medical students Alan (Ella) Parker and Oliver Higgins.  Many readers love Ella for her strength and intelligence. This novel, however, is narrated by Abigail Jones, the orphan Oli treats at the hospital. Abigail is strong in her own way: she’s a survivor who overcomes terrible obstacles in her young life.

Why did I start a new series when I’m supposed to write Book 3 or Hearts and Sails, Imprisoned? I never expected the Abigail’s Song would be a series, or even a full-length novel. But the Jewish family that adopted Abigail, with their struggles and traditions, was so compeling to me. You can read more about my inspiration on my website


Abigail’s Song

Hearts and Harmony Book 1

By Alina Rubin


When your world is out of tune, can music heal you?

Cast out from her home after her mother’s death, orphan Abigail Jones wanders around her English town on Christmas Eve of 1809. Desperately trying to suppress her cough—the same that killed her mother—Abigail begs for coins on the freezing cold streets. With the help of the medical student, Oli Higgins, she recovers and avoids being sent to the cruel orphanage. Oli then reveals his secret: he is hiding his Jewish identity and his birth name, David Fridman, to pursue his chosen profession. He brings her into his devout, loving Jewish home. Over time, she embraces her found family and discovers her talent for music.

When she grows up, Abigail is caught between two worlds; not Christian enough for the Gentiles, but as a non-Jew, she has no hope of marrying David, the man she dreams of. While she is recovering from a deadly illness, David’s brother Moishe inspires her with music to rise from her sickbed and to begin her journey of converting to Judaism.

Her attempt to capture David’s heart fails when his true love appears in town. Heartbroken, Abigail hastily accepts another man’s marriage proposal and plans a double wedding with David’s bride. On the big day, guilt and misery drive her to take drastic actions.

Can the powers of faith, family, and music help her survive and find her purpose?

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Alina Rubin

Written by Alina Rubin

Alina Rubin loves writing historical fiction about heroines with strong voices and able hands. Her debut novel, A Girl with a Knife, won the Illinois Author Project competition. When not working or writing, Alina enjoys yoga, reading and traveling.

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