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No Job for a Woman
Hearts and Sails
Alina Rubin
No Job for a Woman
Publish Date: April 2, 2023
Available: Paperback, Ebook

She sailed against the current.

Ella Parker’s male alias was a star pupil in medical school. But as a woman in 1810 England, Ella cannot find a job as a doctor’s assistant. In a life-or-death emergency with a mother in labor, she oversteps her boundaries and risks arrest. Determined to practice medicine, she decides to join her mentor on the Neptune, a warship heading for open waters.

Following an accident, she is quickly thrust into the role of ship surgeon, and her skills are put to the test. Hoping to fit in with the all-male crew and make friends, instead, Ella creates chaos and suspicion among the superstitious sailors. Lieutenant Jack Wyse, though charged by the captain with protecting Ella, is keen on making her leave.

After a fierce battle, Ella saves the handsome officer, Robert Weston. Her commitment to her profession is tested, however, when he asks for her hand in marriage. But are Weston’s intentions sincere, and would he allow her the freedom to pursue her calling?

Ella must decide where she belongs before her future sails away from her.

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“Set sail on a delightful adventure with Ella as she continues to blaze a career path where women are forbidden.”—S. Lee Fisher author of multi-award-winning Becoming Olive W.

“You will cheer for Ella when events go her way and tear up when they don’t. This is a well-researched novel with a compelling main character that will keep you turning the pages.”—Linda Ulleseit, Paper Lantern Writer