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Sailing Home Series
Mariana Gabrielle (Mari Christie)
Publish Date: November 22, 2015
Available: Paperback, Ebook

The heavy hands and sharp tongues of Bella Smithson’s family have left her almost too timid to converse with a gentleman, much less conduct a husband hunt. Unfortunately, her overbearing aunt and managing cousin are determined to help her escape her black-hearted father and brothers.

Thanks to the Prince of Wales, retiring shipping magnate Myron Clewes has an ever-growing fortune, a fresh-minted peerage, a brand-new flagship, and an impossible set of requirements for a bride. Not least, she must be willing to leave England and everything she knows, possibly for good, in less than two months’ time.

Bella’s Happy-Ever-After in Royal Regard had its origins in a Happier-Than-She-Expected with her first husband, Baron Holsworthy, who gave her the confidence to steady her sea legs, take her life by the helm, and command her own voice, empowering a shy, young girl and unlikely adventurer to grow into one of King George IV’s trusted advisors.

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“There are so many forces at play in this story that the twist and turns will keep you hoping that Bella and even goodhearted Myron make a happy union. Delightful dialogue and character descriptions, the author knows how to hold the readers attention! Cannot wait to read the rest of this series and find out about the lives of all those connected to Bella!”

–Lori Dykes