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The Alchemist's Arms
The Witchfinder's Well
Jonathan Posner
The Alchemist's Arms
Publish Date: July 19, 2019
Available: Paperback, Ebook, Kindle Unlimited

Lady Mary de Beauvais seems to be the perfect 16th century woman, but she hides a dark and terrible secret – she is actually a time-traveller from 2015. So when she discovers there’s another traveller from her own time, she sets out across Elizabethan England to find him.

But it’s a search that leads her into dreadful danger – threatening not just Mary’s own future, but the life of Queen Elizabeth as well. So Mary is forced to face her fears and take control – if she wants to save herself and those she loves, in this “gripping adventure thriller”.

A must for fans of female-led adventures and Tudor History!

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“Delightful. I enjoyed the hunky Tudors, forest cavorting, Elizabethan girl-power, meeting the queen, a depicable baddie, death, destruction – with oodles of history thrown in… I’ll say no more. Read it…!”
M. Eden

“…this marvellous book was a winner for me. The author has gone to great trouble to research the times; speech, clothing, buildings and how it was in Elizabethan England. This is a thriller style book… The characters are well rounded, and the journey of the main character Lady Mary… is riveting as she battles to save Queen Elizabeth from assassination. There’s a good feel for the time and era, so history buffs will enjoy the rich tapestry of detail in this book.”

“An excellent light hearted read, with a few well chosen moral observations along the way. I couldn’t put it down.”
Judith H.

“Loved the first book, and now the second! Well written, kept you wanting to read page after page in one go!”