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The Hobby Shop on Barnaby Street
Homefront Hearts
Jillianne Hamilton
The Hobby Shop on Barnaby Street
Publish Date: May 3, 2023
Available: Paperback, Ebook

A forbidden wartime romance begins just as German planes fill the skies over London in 1940. A playful and heartfelt read perfect for fans of Dear Mrs. Bird, The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir, and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

When Maisie Beckett steps into her brother’s struggling London hobby shop during wartime, she’s confronted with two harsh realities: the looming threat of a Nazi invasion and the shop’s dire financial situation. Determined to prove herself to her parents and keep the shop afloat, Maisie moonlights as a pinup photographer, covertly boosting the shop’s earnings. In the midst of London’s nightly bombings, Maisie finds herself irresistibly drawn to the shop’s co-owner, Cal Woodbury, captivated by his quick wit and bashful smile—and his mysterious secret.

But Cal made a promise to his best friend and business partner, Roy—a promise that he would never pursue a romantic relationship with Maisie, Roy’s sweet and beautiful sister. As the German bombs rain down upon London, and as Cal’s bond with Maisie deepens, he discovers that some promises are impossible to keep. When Roy deserts the Navy and unexpectedly appears at Cal’s doorstep, Cal is forced to choose between his loyal friend and the woman he’s falling for.

While London goes to war around them, Maisie and Cal face their own battle—finding their courage and recognizing their worth.

This novel includes brief, low/medium-heat love scenes. The sequels, The Seamstress on Cider Lane and The Land Girl on Lily Road, are also available.

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“This is a sweet story of two people who find love in the midst of the chaos and disruption of war. I enjoyed getting to know these characters and I look forward to future books in this series. I know you will love this story as much as I did.”
Stacey Rinnert

“I like stories of everyday people dealing with WWII, and this is it. I loved the hobby shop and would’ve liked to have seen more of the stock and customers, but the main characters are compelling enough that you root for them from page one.”
Linda Ulleseit