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The River Remembers
Linda Ulleseit
The River Remembers
Publish Date: June 27, 2023
Available: Paperback, Ebook

Samantha Lockwood, Day Sets, and Harriet Robinson come to Fort Snelling from very different backgrounds. It’s 1835 and the world is changing, fast, and they are all struggling to keep up. After she refuses another suitor he’s chosen for her, Samantha’s father banishes her to live in the territory with her brother. He, too, tries to take over her marriage plans—but she is determined to find her own husband, even when her choices go awry.

Day Sets demands that her white husband create a school to educate their daughter, supporting her father’s belief that his people must learn the ways of the white man in order to ensure the tribe’s future. Until events prove her father wrong.

Harriet’s life in the territory is more like that of a free person than anywhere she’s lived. She even falls in love with Dred Scott and dreams of a life with him. But they are both enslaved, and she keeps being reminded of how little control she has over her own fate.As their cultures collide, each of these three women must find a way to direct her own future and leave a legacy for her children.

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“Linda Ulleseit brings together her triple-stranded narrative incredibly well to create a novel about the American frontier that is unlike anything I have encountered. There is something quintessentially feminine about the work, which is rooted in motherhood and sisterhood.”

Reader’s Favorite 5-star review

“Linda Ulleseit has researched three amazing women living in excruciating, horrific times in1830s US history. Each of these strong, determined, and ultimately hopeful women are brought to life reflecting the pain, sorrow and challenges of their existence.”

Anne M. Beggs, PLW