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The Sovereign's Secret
The Witchfinder's Well
Jonathan Posner
The Sovereign's Secret
Publish Date: August 5, 2022
Available: Paperback, Ebook, Kindle Unlimited

England 1575.

After involvement in an audacious assassination attempt on the life of Queen Elizabeth has tested Lady Mary de Beauvais to her limits – and beyond – all she wants is to do is live a peaceful life with her family. Unfortunately her time-travelling past catches up with her, and she now faces the greatest threat to her life in Tudor England. That is until Francis Walsingham, the sinister spymaster, offers to send her on her most dangerous mission yet. Can Lady Mary find the courage, the strength and the sheer determination to win through?

Whatever happens, history is going to change.

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“I found this book to be even more satisfying than the first book in the series, still with plenty of action and even more intrigue, totally immersing the reader in the Tudor period. Be prepared for the fulfillment of the warning on the cover of “This time history is going to change.” It’s fun to see how Posner brings this about.”
Rebecca D’Harlingue

“…well-written, with the right amount of tension and mystery, and explores the effect a time traveller might have on people in an earlier century.”
Chasqui Penguin

Like the previous books, the plot fair cracks along. I liked that Lady Mary is a kick-ass heroine and the story has the odd bit of humour. The book is well-written and the historical detail seems pretty accurate.