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Paper Lantern Writers
Publish Date: November 1, 2022
Available: Paperback, Ebook


In much the same manner as Pandora, each Paper Lantern Writer takes a turn opening an old wooden chest, digging out stories spanning seven centuries. The individuals in these tales—heroes, villains, and in between—are more than people from the past. Whether they are making mayhem, waging war, or quietly holding their families together, their strength and fortitude shines on the page. From the Swinging Seventies to the Middle Ages, these characters gather, keep, and spill the secrets of their souls.

Who knows what treasures will be found when this ancient trunk is finally Unlocked?

The Happy Heart: A groovy, tarot-soaked tale about a late-blooming flower child seeking enlightenment.

Trust No One: In World War II Washington, a baby shower is overshadowed by espionage, ambition, and betrayal.

True Legacy: A 1920’s inheritance chronicles secrets told and secrets kept, shaping a family’s story.

Threadbare Linens: During the American Civil War, a family is torn apart by filicide and assorted family warfare.

A Rarefied Gift: A Regency London mystery about adult twins searching for answers surrounding their birth.

The Shell: In 1679 Amsterdam, a wife struggles to forget a past love.

Joanna’s Choice: A Renaissance story of a woman who longs to escape her scandalous past.

The Dragon Lord: A Medieval tale of romance and religion vying for supremacy at the Winter Solstice.

Stories contributed by: Kathryn Pritchett, Ana Brazil, Linda Ulleseit, Mari Anne Christie, Edie Cay, Rebecca D’Harlingue, C.V. Lee, and Anne M. Beggs.

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“I really enjoy reading short stories, especially when they’re set in time periods I don’t usually read as I’m able to get a flavor of the era. An old chest with a heart-shaped lock lent itself perfectly to the different eras.”

“This is a very clever anthology of short stories which all center around an old wooden chest. This group of writers belong to a group of historic fiction writers called Paper Lantern. They gave each writer only one requirement – write a story that features an old wooden chest. The stories span the ages from 1225 to 1972. Some are funny, some romantic, some mystical, some downright creepy! It’s a great read and I recommend this book.” Gregory P.