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Words with a Wordsmith: Victoria Steele Logue

By Edie Cay
September 25, 2020

This Friday we are exploring the world of historical fantasy with author Victoria Steele Logue. Logue has written a number of books, among them hiking guides, driving guides, devotionals, as well as a young adult historical fantasy series.

The Hallowed Treasures Saga

Do you listen to music while you write or edit? If so, what’s on your writing playlist?

I do listen to music while writing. Usually, I will choose music that seems to fit with each book to me. While writing the Hallowed Treasures Saga, I listened to a variety of music from “Maramoros – The Lost Jewish Music of Transylvania” to “In the Court of the Crimson King” by King Crimson.

Favorite non-reading activity?

I would have to say it’s a tie between hiking and photography although photographing while hiking is even better. When I met my husband (at Georgia Southern University), he was interested in photography and I had wanted to be a writer since I learned how to read and write. So, he taught me the art of photography (fortunately, I had an eye) and I taught him how to work with words, mostly by getting him to read more. Our first jobs were working for a daily newspaper—he was a photographer; I was a staff writer. But we both had a chance to write and take photos. Thirty-five years later, he is still more into photography, and I am more into writing, but we both continue to do both.

Do you collect anything? If so, what, why, and for how long? I received my first copy of The Little Prince when I was 9. Years later, Frank received the book as a graduation gift from a friend. Then on our first anniversary, I gave him two copies of the book in a couple of different languages—Latin and French. And then in 1997, I gave him a copy in Spanish for our anniversary. The next year, while he was doing an internship in Tanzania, my daughter, Griffin, and I stayed with a college friend in Brussels until we could join Frank in Dar es Salaam. While at a bookstore, I found a copy of The Little Prince in Flemish and bought it. It was then that we decided that whenever we traveled to a new place, we would try to pick up a copy of the book in that language. We’re now up to 11 different languages. We also collect anniversary and other special editions. And that’s it. That’s all we collect.

What brings you great joy as a writer? What brings me the greatest joy is when I am so into the flow of what I’m writing that times passes without my being aware of it and I feel fully immersed in the world I am writing about. And, while I have written one book that takes place in the present, parts of it take place in the past. I always find much more joy in learning and writing about other places and points in time.

What was the inspiration for your most recent book? My most recent book is the one I am currently working on. I was inspired to write it while reading the fourth book in the Earthsea series by Ursula K. Le Guin—Tehanu. It was my favorite of the four although I loved them all. There were some things within the book that made me think of some of the characters in the Hallowed Treasures Saga, and got me musing on what had become of the children—some of whom were just infants at the end of the trilogy, some who had yet to be born, particularly the child of the characters Chokhmah and Faolan as she would, like her father, become a shapeshifter when she reached puberty.

Victoria Steele Logue has been writing professionally for 36 years beginning as a staff writer at a daily newspaper upon graduation from college. Since then, she has published more than a dozen nonfiction books about backpacking and hiking as well as driving guides. More recently, she has turned to co-authoring devotionals with her husband. In addition, she has published four novels, including the Hallowed Treasures Saga. As a Navy brat, she grew up at the beach—sometimes on the Atlantic, sometimes the Pacific, and even a couple years along the Gulf of Mexico. Victoria has spent the past 20 years on the Georgia coast in St. Marys and Savannah. But, when she and her husband retire in another 10 years, they will more than likely end up in Arizona where their daughter will be working as a veterinarian.

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Her Books:

The Path to Misery, Book I

In Lonely Exile, Book II

Death’s Dark Shadows

Edie Cay
Written by Edie Cay

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